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It was an exciting night here at the base last night when "J" finally got home from visiting a friend. Two packages arrived! One from my creator [personal profile] pl2363 and one from [personal profile] musha168. The one from my creator had a thingie called a Valentines card in it. I still don't fully understand these human holiday things. But but! I did recognize the Kremzeek on it! It came with treats that "J" wouldn't allow me to have *pouts* The other package had lots of keybot friends and kitties! Kup has already attached himself to "J" purse I don't think he's gonna come off easily...but that's okay! I got kitties! Well sorta.

Meet Sniper Perceptor and Drift kitties, or as we call them here Percy and Drift. Apparently Percy was very upset from his travels here from what "J" had said.  He looks very upset here.  But I will make sure he gets lots of cuddles so that he will be a very a happy kitty just like Drift!


Percy kitty is very wiggly!  I tried really really hard to give him snuggles but all he wanted to do was get down *pouts* I  think he gave up trying to get away when I gave him ear rubs XD At least for a little while, before he followed Drift to go exploring. They didn't make it very far *giggles*


Drift kitty found TC!  I think he was trying to be cute since TC looked so sad today.  I think poor Drift kitty was confused as to why TC  would be sad. Drift kitty was all purrs for TC while Percy kitty put up with being petted by Jazz I think. I don't think that Percy kitty could have gotten away from Jazz if he had wanted to. That plush has some seriously tricky moves. Special Ops plushies scare me!  But Jazz is pretty cool now. He and TC hang out a lot when Jazz isn't hanging out with Sounds. That other picture with Drift kitty looking up at TC that is Drift kitty's attempt to cutely stalk TC. Do you think it's working? The kitties are so cute  *falls over* Kitties kitties kitties *giggles* Okay time to cuddles with kitties now BYE!

XOXO  Warp

PS "J"  helped me with the picture thingie for my blog thingie! 
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Date/Time: 2013-02-16 17:51 (UTC)Posted by: [personal profile] musha168
^^ So cute!!! Take good care of your new kitties!


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