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Hi! I'm Skywarp! Umm but you can call me Warp and I'm a plush *giggles* Plush Warp! Umm my human, err that sounds bad, um J... u that's what Jazz calls her but.... that just doesn't seem right either. Hmm *thinks*


I'll come up with something, but for now I guess I can go with "J". Though she does go by this Kellee - Kellen... something or other. What?! It's hard for a little plush like me to say! Still not right *sighs* I'll come back to it.

Well "J" said I should start this blog thingie, I guess it's kinda like a data log only a lot simpler. This human tech stuff is so basic. If I'm good maybe I'll be able to have a twitter thingie too! Jazz and Sounds, that's shattered glass Soundwave by the way, have a twitter thingie. I steal it sometimes XD its fun! But I have to be careful cuz Jazz gets mad sometimes. Special Ops plushs are scary when they are mad.

Oh! I guess I'm suppose to introduce myself or something. That is what "J" said and tell everyone a little about me! :D Well I'm a plushie, I told you that already. My Bestest buddy in the world is here with me *Drags TC over* This is TC, err Thundercracker... I never call him that. Say hie to the nice people TC!

... *TC walks away*

Ugh I guess he's shy today ^^; My other bestest buddy is Valkor. He's my magical bunny. Don't be fooled by looks...*whispers* :: He's actually a magical Dragon bunny.:: My other buddy is Bumblebee or BB as I call him. He kept me company before TC arrived it was scary being the only Decepti-plush here! Not that really means much here really. Everyone here is awesome, well Jazz was a meanie when I first arrived but he's all better now. And well Megatron is well himself. He's mean and scary!

Um What else, oh! I love bunnies, so cuddly and fluffy! Ooo Ooo I recently got a new bunny friend! Her name is Daisy and she's PINK! I thought I died and went to the plush All Spark! Pink is the bestest color in the universe! It's very mechly *sage nod* She's so pretty! Valkor thinks she's pretty too! My creator [personal profile] pl2363 told me that I need to be careful when I stole "J" datapad thingie...I think it's called an iphone by show her pictures of Daisy. Since bunnies have lots of babies but that's okay! Oh just so it's not confusing "J" is not my creator, she is the one who adopted me. My creator [personal profile] pl2363 is amazing though she made me and my bestest buddy TC! Starscream is suppose to be here eventually I bet he's being a giant pain in the aft to my poor creator. Serves him right for being a jerk to be last. "J" says we should be patient waiting for Starscream. *shrugs* He'll get here when he gets here I'm not in any rush I don't think TC is either.

Hmmm I um like sushi and green tea. I sometimes go with "J" and her what does "J" call her...roommate? Yeah that's it! Roommate [personal profile] fuzziekit to a place called Mee Kaa Dohs for extra yummy sushi!


I can't think of anything else right now. Umm I guess I'll call this entry done! Take care until next time!


PS when I figure out how the picture thingie works in the blog thingie I will post pictures! XD

PSS "J" suggested we try my blog thingie here too!
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