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Boy am I sleepy! It’s been a long day. Went on the road trip with “J” and her roomie [personal profile] fuzziekit to visit a friend named Mel, she is very nice. I got to sit in the front seat on “J’s” lap the entire time with Shocks. He’s really quite by the way. It was very cozy and “J” played with our little plush peds. Yes my human, that sounds so wrong… technically aren’t I her plush? Yet we seem to get away with a lot of stuff, us plushies I mean. I don’t know it’s confusing. Anyway “J” has a thingie for our little plush feet. She loves to tickle our toes *giggles* The ride to this place called Kalamazoo was not very eventful save getting fuel not only for our transport but a tiny nibble of energon for “J” and [personal profile] fuzziekit.

We passed Mel’s home base and had to turn around since it was literally next to this place referred to as an office. I don’t know looked like another base from the outside so I guess I’ll just have to play along that it’s the truth. Mel has this absolutely adorable little fluffy dog with wing like ears named Lily. I think that someone mentioned this Lily is a Papillion…don’t ask me how I remembered that. She was very energetic! Like me on too much energon treats! Mel also has a kitty named Pete. Ummm he likes yarn…I mean REALLY likes yarn. Made it hard for “J” to try to do that knitty thing that she does, *whispers* that did not go well today…and not because of the kitty. Oh Oh I tried to pet the kitty! But kitty didn’t seem interested *pouts*

Mel made some yummy energon for “J” and fuzziekit to have it was something called a pasty. It was this crust thingie filled something called hamburger, potatoes and carrots I think. We watched this neat movie thingie called Neverland that is supposed to be based on some book or something. I don’t know it’s definitely not something I have heard of. Apparently “J” has read it many many times.

One the way home I got to play this game on “J’s” datapad….well I took the datapad to play it cuz the game is all done in pink! It is some special version of the game I think, it doesn’t matter it was pink and cute and fun and and….she took the datapad back. When we returned to base I got snuggles on the couch while “J” messed around on the computer. I’m very sleepy…it’s recharge time very very soon. I can’t think of anything else to say so I guess it’s time to say good night. I will have to see if “J” can help me with the picture thingie for my blog thingie someday soon. Good Night! *waves*

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