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I was too tired yesterday playing with my new bunnies to be able to write a blog thingie! I must have been super good!! Lookie what I got!


My Easter Morning )

New bunnies! They have yet to tell me their names. OOo ooo and bunny shaped energon treats! I'm so lucky!!! "J" Said I should share...I want them all for myself but I guess it will be okay to share. They are special treats that everyone should try right? So today I get to spend time playing with bunnies and having treats. *Frowns at Megatron who just slapped a hand to his helm* I don't know what his problem is. *Shakes head* If he's not nice no treats for him. Well I need to spend time with my new friends BYE!! *waves and runs off*

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Ooo ooo I just had a talk with "J" about this Easter thingie. [personal profile] musha168 was right!! it's a holiday about bunnies... just one bunny really but a super special bunny just like Valkor! But this bunny brings energon goodies and other treats! "J" says if I'm really good maybe the Easter bunny will bring me something fun and treats like he used to when she was a little sparkling!

I got to hear stories about how "J" and her creators used to do something she called dying easter eggs. I didn't understand what "J" meant at first. I mean its kind of scary to kill eggs I would think...but it was explained that the eggs were put in colors so that they wouldn't be white anymore. I don't really get that either, human customs are still strange to me especially for their holidays. Anyway I guess the colors helped the Easter Bunny hide the eggs. *shrugs* I guess I will have to just go with it. So "J" would have to go on this scavenger hunt thingie so find the eggs and a basket full of treats and sometimes presents!

I hope I prove that I'm good enough to get some goodies!
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